Activities plein air

Activities plein air


Adamfresh prevents excessive heat sensation on the skin while you sunbathe, giving you a pleasant sensation of healthy freshness without sweat.
Light and easy to handle, it also works on battery and does not need any power cables, and can be positioned anywhere.
The cellphone is dead and you cannot continue the chat? No problem, Adamfresh has a cable for charging ready at hand.
Adamfresh … an air cooler for a friend!
Activities plein air

Outdoors with friends

Whether it's a barbecue, a picnic, or a convivial moment in the gazebo, for Adamfresh there is no difference, just position it and immediately spread fresh air for the comfort of all people present.
It is not possible to connect it to a power outlet? In this case Adamfresh can work autonomously with its battery.
The lemongrass aromas will provide defense against pesky insects possibly present.
Adamfresh … enjoy a cool air sensation with your friends!
Activities plein air


Tents, bungalows, mobile homes, and wherever there is a need for fresh air during camping.
Adamfresh creates comforting freshness in any place and at any time of the day thanks to its portability and autonomous battery, even outdoor.
Practical, lightweight and robust, does not need any special care. It is suited to our needs when it comes to defending ourselves from pesky insects thanks to its lemongrass stick.
Adamfresh ... fresh carefree vacation!
Activities plein air


Indulge the moments of summer relaxation in beautiful and spacious tents with every comfort; this is surely a special treat.
Flee from the city and go sleeping in a tent with comfortable and stylish interior in direct contact with nature.
For producing fresh air, Adamfresh uses the basic element of nature: water.
A fresh and natural comfort in portable format following you anywhere.
Adamfresh ... Ecology & Technology!
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