Adamfresh Evolution & Revolution


A cooler is usually used to just produce cool air, but Adamfresh can do way more than that.
Adamfresh incorporates new functions that allow high quality air treatment.

In spring and autumn, those who suffer from allergies will find a valid ally in Adamfresh, with its additional special filter the device will take care of mechanical filtration, capturing pollen and limiting its presence in the environment.

For the summer, the usual cool comfort of Adamfresh has been enriched with a new accessory, which consists of fixed direction vents that allow you to direct the generated cool airflow.

During the winter, it becomes a perfect humidifier to re-establish the ideal humidity level in the environment that is usually too dry in this season.
Thanks to the new filter combined with activated carbon, especially developed for Adamfresh, we can defend ourselves from the domestic pollution caused by any emission of fine dust from the combustion of wooden material in stoves to capturing dust particles normally present in the air.
We can also absorb any unpleasant smell thanks to the same filter.

We can do this both in a domestic environment or in a camper.

Adamfresh can be used in all seasons.

On average, a person breathe 400 liters of air every hour, and to care about the quality of what we breathe means protecting ourselves and creating a personal domestic well-being.

Adamfresh... more than cool from now on!
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