Adamfresh presents its new product: Adamfresh Easy!


Adamfresh is a product with an Italian history: design, design, electronics, software, portable evaporative technology.
Ecology and technology are an inseparable combination for the Adamfresh company that renews itself year after year!

Here we are pleased to present our new 2018: Adamfresh Easy!

What is it? Adamfresh easy is a portable evaporation cooler for both outdoor and indoor use. 
What is it for? Adamfresh easy produces cool air, thus contributing to the natural wellness of people and animals. 
Where is it used? In campers, at home, in the garden, on boats, in tents, in caravans, while travelling.
Technical data:

Independent cooling up to 100 speeds STANDARD operating mode with high flow-rate ECO operating mode with energy saving 12 Volt consumption in STANDARD mode 6.3 amps max. 12 Volt consumption in ECO mode 2.5 amps max. No internal rechargeable battery 12 Volt supply by lighter cable supplied 230 Volt power supply (optional) Optional power supply with external power bank Usb port for software update No remote control function Configurable with the whole Adamfresh accessory family New keyboard with bubble technology 2.7 litre water tank Empty weight 5.6 Kg Water tank autonomy approximately 8 hours

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