Anti pollen action

In spring the high density of pollen in the air facilitates annoying allergic reactions that bring discomfort to the people that suffer from this condition.

Adamfresh, thanks to its special anti-pollen filter, performs a mechanical filtration of the air inside an environment, catching and holding pollen and giving you relief.

To get the best result you have to filter the air inside an environment with windows and doors shut, like the bedroom or any other room where you intend to stay for a long time.

The final result will be clean air that will make you breathe better, helping you sleep and rest.

Bear in mind that, if you interrupt air filtration, in a short space of time the pollen will return to cause problems when breathed.

Using the filtration in continuous mode you'll ensure a high quality air.

To protect themselves from the effects that pollen has on them, those that are subject to allergic reactions take care of the environment they live in and frequently assume medicines.

By filtering the air and lowering the pollen concentration we can avoid the exposure of our body to the trigger factors.

Filtration helps to prevent the cause while the medicine relieves symptoms when it takes action inside our body.

The result is similar but the way we get it is different, this is a little yet important distinction that makes the difference.

Overnight, we breathe 3000 liters of air and if this air gets filtered before it gets to our lungs we'll have a better respiration and we probably won't have to take the medicines we needed before.

For some people the possibility to limit the assumption of the medicine corresponds to an improvement of their quality of life.
Spring - High density of pollen in the air
Adamfresh is equipped with a special high-efficiency filter
Possible allergic reactions
Mechanical filtration must take place in closed spaces to clean up the air
Adamfresh is equipped with a special high-efficiency anti-pollen filter
For example the bedroom or the living room
Adamfresh gives back clean and breathable air in the environment
Windows and doors must be closed in the room where the device is
Adamfresh promotes the personal well-being of those who suffer from pollen allergy
If the room is closed the filtration catches and retains the pollen in the filter
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