Autumn indoor use

Autumn is notoriously a transition season, from an apparently mild climate it can transform into warm days at the end of our vacations.

Between September and October we can also find significative pollen concentrations that cause discomfort to those who are allergic.

It's a common opinion that only in spring the air is full of pollen. In fact, in autumn we find it as well, even if it's not in the same measure.

Adamfresh, with its especially developed filters, intervenes helping to solve both the issues: hot weather and pollen.

The advantage of getting Adamfresh is that, with a simple change of filter and by choosing the specific program, you can get from a single device different benefits; whenever and wherever you want.

We do not underestimate the fact that when we are travelling we can get in a zone where the wheather is warmer or the pollination is more intense, and this doesn't help our vacation; but if we have the possibility to reduce both issues with the same device than we can say that we are ready for any contingency.

Even the domestic use shouldn't be understimated, breathing high quality air improves our well-being in any season.

Imagine to travel in a van in autumn. We could stop near plants that are strongly allergenic and our organism could react causing discomfort and sickness.

For those who suffer from this condition, even in autumn, it's opportune to filter the air inside the camper as a precautionary measure, using the anti-pollen filter and lowering the pollen concentration in the air.

If you want to control the temperature and protect yourself from pollen filtering the air, then Adamfresh is the solution you were looking for.
Autumn - Seasonal pollination and possible hot weather periods
Adamfresh works at 230 volt AC – 12 volt DC autonomously with the integrated rechargeable battery
Possible transitional sickness and discomfort
At 12 volt it uses between 1 and 4,5 Ampere
Adamfresh can produce fresh air and it can filter the pollen
8 hours of independence with the tank full of water
Adamfresh helps with specific solutions for any problem
Size centimeters 35 x 25 x 30 - Unladen weight kg 6 - tank capacity 2,7 liters
Adamfresh promotes personal well-being in a simple and fast way
Electronic processing of all the functions
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