Carnival 2017: destinations in caravan


Carnival is an evocative tradition people celebrate among parades, masks, colours and delicious food. The caravan is the best choice to reach the most beautiful destinations where you can live the colourful celebrations which close wintertime. Here are our tips to organise a trip by caravan with all your family!

The Carnival of Cento – in the province of Ferrara – is famous all over Europe and is very easy to reach by caravan. Parades with majestic masked floats will take place on 12, 19, 28 February, 5 and 12 March 2017. It is certainly one of the most amusing carnivals, which has preserved the original exuberant spirit of this celebration, among grand float parades and throwing of gifts, confetti, sweets and chocolates.

Moving towards central Italy, in Castiglion Fibocchi (province of Arezzo), the Carnival of Figli di Bocco has its roots in the medieval history of the town. People celebrates it with parades of extravagant masks recalling the court festivals of the twelfth century. This Carnival offers a friendly and pleasant dimension, reflecting the passion and the joie de vivre of this lively Tuscan community. The 2017 edition takes place on 12 and 19 February.

In Puglia, the Carnival of Putignano boasts of a very ancient tradition, reaching this year its 623rd edition. It offers grand parades of evocative floats and masks, with a lot of happenings and music events in the main square, the streets, and the alleys of the town. Parades will take place on 12, 19, 26 February and will culminate on 28 February in the majestic conclusive party of Mardi Gras.

We cannot keep out of the list the most famous Carnivals of Venice and Viareggio: in Italy, there is enough to go wild if you want to celebrate this tradition full of passion, colours, and delicious food.

And for those who want to go abroad? In Nice (Côte d'Azur), Carnival is the largest and most awaited winter event, because of its spectacular parades but even more because of the graceful ‘flower battles’. Ballerinas and characters masked with glittering clothes throw fresh flowers to the crowd – mimosas, gerberas, lilies and carnations – creating a show of unique colourfulness and beauty. The 2017 edition of the Carnival of Nice is from 10 to 26 February.

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