Hundredth anniversary

Any day, extraordinary things can happen and no one could imagine that it would be the beginning of a century-long adventure.
Evaporative cooling comes from another continent at in far away time, but it was developed by people who made something that had never existed, who believed in what they were doing and this is a distinct character feature.
We call these people pioneers, evoking images of disorderly machine shops where tests were performed repeatedly until they were successful and progress is the child of this stubbornness.
Hundredth anniversary
Travelling in these vehicles in the summer heat under the hot sun was like being in a sauna, but there was fresh air from the window thanks to the evaporative cooler.

Just like you, we travelled, and we continue to travel with our modern campers on highways or over dirt roads, seeking what our eyes have not yet seen. We are all searching for a frontier, big or small it does not matter; today we are all pioneers as much as they were in the past.
Hundredth anniversary
Large cars for long voyages, a small evaporative cooler in the window could perform miracles on that sun-baked strip of asphalt.

We used it for a long time and it did not take any energy, nothing could be greener than that!
Hundredth anniversary
Our evaporative cooler helped us through tough times, when there was no air conditioning and when it was fun keeping the windows open with the radio volume up, way up!
Hundredth anniversary
At times we invented the impossible but we had fun and this has left fond memories.

Furthermore, it was tough to resist the temptation to do something different from what already was, imagining was one of the things we did best.
Hundredth anniversary

Ecology and technology, an inseparable duo that find concrete application in Adamfresh.

No product comes about by accident, rather from hard work that is often far in the past that has been perfected and interpreted in many ways.

We are driven by the same ideals now that they were then, which we have adopted as our guiding values: work well done, at times tormented and at times courageous, enough to obtain better results.

Hundredth anniversary

Adamfresh team

From left to right: Marco, Patrizia, Paolo, Marco, Lorena, Giorgio.

NDistant descendants of those pioneers, we have their same spirit: we love to go to the edge and push beyond, discovering what is on the other side, to offer you the best technology attainable.

That is why the Adamfresh team believes they are part of this history, begun a long time ago in a faraway place, but we carry on, here and now!

Thank you and greetings to you all.

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