What is Adamfresh?

It’s an evaporative portable cooler and not an air conditioner.
In addition to its special active carbon and pollen filters, Adamfresh is a powerful and versatile unit that filters the air automatically.

What works with Adamfresh?

When using the cooling feature, fill the tank with distilled water, bottled water or drinking water from the tap.
By inserting the normal evaporative filter, fresh air is produced to come out of the vents.
In the air filtration feature, simply insert the special filters in their proper compartments in the empty tank, no need for water.

How does the evaporative process work?

Adamfresh produces fresh air through the evaporation of the water contained in the filter, resulting in the lowering of the temperature of the air that is expelled.

What filters can be equipped with Adamfresh?

Adamfresh can be equipped with three different types of filters: evaporative - antipollen - combined with activated carbon.

What are the different filters?

The evaporative filter produces fresh air and runs Adamfresh as summer cooler or as a humidifier in the winter to produce warm and dry heating air indoors.
The antipollen filter traps the pollen in the air and it is used to counteract seasonal respiratory allergies.
The combined filter performs three features:
1 - It is a barrier for fine particles generated by wood combustion in the fireplace during the winter months.
2 - It can be used as a filter for unpleasant cooking smells that may be present.
3 - It is highly effective in filtering and absorbing cigarette smoke in addition to fighting passive smoking indoors.
It can also filter fumes of glues and paints typically produced from DIY home projects thanks to its active carbons feature.

From which indoor pollutants should we defend ourselves?

Pollen, fine dust generated from wood - stove burners, dust and airborne dust, odors and molds, cigarette smoke.

What is mechanical air filtration?

It consists of sucking air containing impurities from the environment and retaining it in the filter. The end result of this treatment aims to liberate the air from harmful substances to improve breathing.

Where can the air filtering features be used?

Air filtration, as well as cooling, can be used in camper and indoor environments according to needs.

How can I filter out the pollen from the environment?

To get the best results from the pollen filter, the air must be filtered from a room with doors and windows closed.
You should keep in mind that stopping pollen filtration after a short time regenerates pollen in significant concentrations, and you are more likely to breath it again.
Constant filtration ensures the best results promoting a favorable personal and family level of comfort.

How should the combined activated carbon filter be used?

Considering the nature of the contaminants to be filtered, it is a good practice to use the continuous air filtration method.
Using the continuous filtration method makes it possible to handle the opening and closing of the doors and windows allowing residential rooms to remain open or closed according to daily needs.

How often do the filters need to be replaced?

There is no exact time set for replacing the evaporative filter since it depends mainly on how the user uses it, however, after roughly 200 hours of work, the machine displays an alert indicating that it’s time for maintenance check.
For the antipollen filter, it is recommended to limit the use of a single filter to one season, for example the spring, and replace it the following season.
For the combined filter, the expected lifecycle is about one year, keeping in mind that intensive use will require more frequent replacement.

Is Adamfresh made in Italy?

Adamfresh is completely designed and made in Italy in the Cablofil factory in Pegognaga.

What is the difference between a portable Evaporative Cooler and an Air Conditioner?

  • A cooler directs a stream of fresh air on people, reducing body heat and offering a pleasant sensation that is similar to that of a sea breeze.
  • An air conditioner strongly lowers the temperature of the whole environment in order to lower body heat, using a high consumption of energy.
  • Evaporative coolers use an ecologic cycle with minimal energy consumption
  • Air conditioners use a refrigeration cycle with an extremely high energy consumption.

Why can I also use Adamfresh outdoors, unlike an air conditioner?

  • To provide wellbeing, Adamfresh does not need to lower the room temperature
  • Air conditioners need to lower the room temperature
  • Adamfresh, to provide wellbeing, creates an effect similar to a sea breeze, directing the air directly on people
  • Air conditioners need to produce cold air to lower the temperature, even where people are not present
  • Adamfresh has its own internal batteries which allow him to work anywhere
  • Adamfresh is equipped with its own internal batteries that allow it to work anywhere
  • An air conditioner needs an external power supply
  • In order to work, Adamfresh does not need any installation, suction and drain pipes, etc.
  • Air conditioners need suction and drain pipes and installation in order to work
  • Adamfresh is very light, and weighs only 6 kg
  • Air conditioners are very heavy, and even ‘portable’ ones are big, weighty and therefore quite difficult to move.

Does Adamfresh need any external air supply to work?

Adamfresh does not need any pipes or external air supply and has no need for any condensation drain pipes.

How much water does Adamfresh use per hour?

About 0.33 cc with average humidity levels. This is more or less as much as a can of soda.

What is the capacity of Adamfresh’s water tank?

2.7 liters, for an average running time of about 8 hours.

Can surface water be used (i.e. lake water or similar)?

It is necessary to use microbiologically potable water (distilled water – bottled water – tap water)

How much electric power does Adamfresh use?

  • 1 to 4.5 Ampere, depending on the fan speed setting.
  • Max power: 85 Watts

What kind of power supply does it need?

  • 220V household plug sockets, through its own power cable (like a laptop)
  • 12V camper/truck/other vehicle’s battery, through the power cable plugged into the car charging point (power cable included)
  • rechargeable internal lithium-ion batteries.

What’s the battery life of the internal batteries?

Adam can be equipped with two batteries of different capacities:
The standard 4500 mAh, ensures a battery life of about 7 hours at medium speed.
The increased capacity 6750 mAh, ensures a battery life of about 11 hours at medium speed.

How much time do the batteries need to recharge?

With Adamfresh turned off and connected to a 220V power supply, the standard batteries recharge in about 3 hours and 30 minutes.
With Adamfresh turned off and connected to a 220V power supply, the increased capacity batteries recharge in about 5 hours.

Do the batteries recharge even when Adamfresh is in use?

Yes, with longer recharging times compared to when it is off: 6 hours for the standard battery and 10 hours for the increased capacity battery if plugged into a 220V power supply.

Does the battery recharge even when Adam is plugged into a 12V power supply?

Yes, with longer recharging times compared to when it is connected to a 220V power supply.

Do I have to wait for Adamfresh’s internal battery to be completely out of power to recharge it?

Every time Adamfresh is connected to an external power supply it starts to recharge its battery automatically in order to always stay charged and ready to use, regardless of how much power it has left.

How many cubic meters/BTUs does it cover?

Cubic meters and BTUs (British Thermal Unit) are used in the air conditioning technique where it is necessary to think in terms of temperature reduction per volume of air. But in the evaporative cooling technique, where the air flux is felt directly, this measurement cannot be applied.

As Adamfresh acts on the person?

Positioning the vents, the air flux is directed towards the user, ideally enclosing them in a "bubble" of cool air when they are surrounded by warmer air.

What temperature is the air that comes from the cooler?

It depends on the degree of humidity in the environment. The drier the environment, the lower the temperature of the air coming out of the vents will be: it will vary from 1°C to 5°C in respect to the room temperature.

Can I set the temperature at the outlet from the cooler?

The temperature can’t be set as it is automatically determined in relation to the humidity level of the environment.

Are there any environmental limits to the evaporative technique?

Yes, if the humidity level of the environment exceeds 80%, the cooler cannot work. However, this is not a limitation of the machine, but rather a physical limit of the evaporative principle.

What do I have to do if the limit is reached?

Adamfresh stops and displays the condition of the threshold value, waiting for the ambient humidity to lower to be able to resume work.

In the case of attainment of the threshold value, what should I do?

There are two possible options: wait for the relative humidity level to go down or remove the filter and let Adamfresh run on the ventilation setting to help with minimal air circulation.

Does Adamfresh produce humid air from the vents?

Yes, the air produced is slightly humid: something that all evaporative coolers do.

If cool but moist air comes out and I get a gradual increase in humidity in my environment until saturation, what can I do to prevent this?

You can leave a porthole or a window slightly open to generate the required minimum air renewal needed from the outside to restore the environment back to the ideal degree of relative humidity.
The atmospheric pressure will re-establish the right balance.
Combined with the above condition, Adamfresh sensors stops the operation of the machine when the relative humidity hits 80% to prevent the formation of condensation due to cooling emissions.

Can I use Adamfresh while moving in my vehicle?

Yes, you just have to fill the water tank until the red mark that indicates the maximum level the water can reach while travelling.

Can I use Adamfresh during the winter?

Yes, Adamfresh is a perfect humidifier for environments that become very dry due to heating, and by using it in these environments, the optimal humidity levels will be restored.

What kind of maintenance should the cooler have?

  • Periodical check of the filter every 200 hours of use: Adamfresh will notify you immediately when it’s time to check or change the filter with a message on its display.
  • There isn’t a set time after which the filter should be changed: it might be necessary to change it after approximately 200 hours, depending on the settings Adamfresh has been working with.
  • Cleaning of the water tank: just with a soft cloth
  • Cleaning of the air vents: dusting with a brush

Is it necessary to contact a professional for maintenance and changing of the filter?

They are all extremely easy operations that can be done by anyone, no technical assistance is required.

How does the filter get wet?

The filter is made of cellulose fibre and the water rises thanks to a capillary action, eliminating any need for a pump.

Correct insertion of the filter

The evaporative filter has a polyester contour tape that holds it in shape and in position even when wet and under the effect of ventilation thrust.
This high-density polyester contour tape gives the filter stiffness and an initial resistance to insertion to ensure it won’t collapse on itself when the filter is wet.
To insert the filter effortlessly inside the cooler, simply wet the filter and press it firmly along the contour perimeter on all 4 sides.
To ease the positioning of the filter during the initial insertion, it is useful to temporarily remove the two blacks pins holding the essences block first.
Then insert the filter in its compartment and press firmly down.
After the filter has been inserted, reassemble the blacks pins back into their original place.
After which the filter should be correctly positioned.

What is the right way to use the filter?

  • Use potable water
  • Avoid leaving water in the tank and in contact with the filter if the cooler is not being used for more than 24 hours.
  • If the cooler is not used for more than 24 hours, allow the filter to dry through the dedicated setting.
  • Add a water disinfectant to the tank like Amuchina to clean the water and the filter.
  • The yellow colour that the filter tends to turn during use is due to the removal of the original biocide treatment, and being a filter made of cellulose, its natural colour is in fact yellow.

Is there an internal auto-diagnosis system?

Yes, when Adamfresh’s monitoring system notices an abnormality, it sends a notification to the display about the type of issue found.

Does Adamfresh notify me if it runs out of water?

Yes, in this case the display will show a lack of water with a special notification.

Can I program Adamfresh to turn on and off at different times?

Yes, Adamfresh has a delayed turn on/turn off function.

How many programs does Adamfresh have?

7 work programs to choose from the keyboard:

  • Evaporative = general use
  • Ventilation = ventilation only
  • Winter mode = to balance the correct humidity levels in dry environments
  • Night mode = for night use
  • Hard mode = for outdoor use with high ventilation levels
  • Desert mode = for desert environments
  • Pets mode = specially programmed for pets

How many utility programs does Adamfresh have?

Nr.3 utility programs selectable from Keyboard:

  • Delayed turning on = to make Adamfresh turn on at a specific time
  • Delayed turning off = to make Adamfresh turn off at a specific time
  • Filter drying = to dry the filter

Is it possible to add new programs to the already existing ones?

Yes, Adamfresh is basically a computer that can be updated with new programs with the supplied USB stick. Anyone can do it easily and comfortably at home.

Who is in charge of technical assistance?

The manufacturer himself.
Moreover, Adamfresh saves all the data regarding its functioning in a special file that, in case of an abnormality or issue, can be easily sent via email to the manufacturer, who will be able to intervene remotely, restoring the correct functioning of the machine, without the customer having to send it back.

Does Adamfresh do the job of an expensive fan?

Fans, also called “air agitators” do not produce fresh air: if we put a thermometer in front of the fan and one behind it, the temperature would be the same.

Is the evaporative cooler a recent invention?

The evaporative cooler was introduced in the USA before the perfecting of air conditioning, and was then abandoned to favor traditional air conditioning when the cost of energy was not yet a problem. Today, the environment, energy saving and energy cost are deeply-felt topics and evaporative coolers have become once again very much in demand both in domestic and industrial environments.

Coolers are not as effective as air conditioners.

They are two completely different systems that provide different kinds of wellbeing:

  • Air conditioners consume 10 times more energy than evaporative coolers, they pollute and need special maintenance.
  • Air conditioners lower the temperature of the whole environment they have been installed in, providing cool air also for those who are bothered by it and cooling down areas that do not need it (like where a TV, a plant or a piece of furniture is present).

I can’t choose, I’d like to install a fixed cooler on the roof of my camper.

  • Fixed coolers can only be used on campers
  • Adam can be used in campers, on the porch, at home, in the office, outdoors…anywhere!
  • With coolers installed on the ceiling, when the vehicle is resold, the money spent on it is lost, and the cooler is basically given to the new buyer
  • If I change campers, I’m not giving Adam to the new buyer but I can use it on the new camper, at home, in the office…

Why should I purchase Adamfresh?

  • It’s entirely designed and made in Italy
  • Built with high quality materials:
    • Plastic from Bayer* (Germany)
    • Fans from Ebm-Papst* (Germany)
    • Batteries from Sony* (Japan), assembled in Germany
    • PCBs (printed circuit boards) and software designed and made in Italy
    • Italian design by a famous Italian designer who collaborates with BMW*, Bimota*, Mahindra* …
    • Assembled in the Cablofil factories, for more than 40 years working for great firms and producing cables and integrated electric and electronic systems.
  • Refreshing for the individual and no damaging health factors: does not cause inflammation of the respiratory tract, cervical or joint pain.
  • It is ecological: uses water, very low energy consumption and is made with recyclable materials.
  • It is economical: no need for pricey maintenance.
  • It provides fresh and clean air, limiting the presence of pollens, dust and unpleasant smells.
  • Doesn’t dry out the air and maintains the right humidity levels.
  • not drastically reduces the ambient temperature as do the conditioners
  • Portable and has a great battery life.
  • Versatile, can be used anywhere, indoors and outdoors, during the summer and the winter.
  • Multifunctional, with 7 pre-set programs and suitable for every occasion.
  • Always new, can easily be updated with the last software released by the maker, always maintaining the machine at its best and guaranteeing its value.
  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Useful for those who have a pet that is often forced to stay inside the caravan: Adamfresh has a dedicated program and the internal battery guarantees it can function even without electricity.
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