What’s the battery life of the internal batteries?

Adam can be equipped with two batteries of different capacities:
The standard 4500 mAh, ensures a battery life of about 7 hours at medium speed.
The increased capacity 6750 mAh, ensures a battery life of about 11 hours at medium speed.

How much time do the batteries need to recharge?

With Adamfresh turned off and connected to a 220V power supply, the standard batteries recharge in about 3 hours and 30 minutes.
With Adamfresh turned off and connected to a 220V power supply, the increased capacity batteries recharge in about 5 hours.

Do the batteries recharge even when Adamfresh is in use?

Yes, with longer recharging times compared to when it is off: 6 hours for the standard battery and 10 hours for the increased capacity battery if plugged into a 220V power supply.

Does the battery recharge even when Adam is plugged into a 12V power supply?

Yes, with longer recharging times compared to when it is connected to a 220V power supply.

Do I have to wait for Adamfresh’s internal battery to be completely out of power to recharge it?

Every time Adamfresh is connected to an external power supply it starts to recharge its battery automatically in order to always stay charged and ready to use, regardless of how much power it has left.

How many cubic meters/BTUs does it cover?

Cubic meters and BTUs (British Thermal Unit) are used in the air conditioning technique where it is necessary to think in terms of temperature reduction per volume of air. But in the evaporative cooling technique, where the air flux is felt directly, this measurement cannot be applied.

As Adamfresh acts on the person?

Positioning the vents, the air flux is directed towards the user, ideally enclosing them in a "bubble" of cool air when they are surrounded by warmer air.

What temperature is the air that comes from the cooler?

It depends on the degree of humidity in the environment. The drier the environment, the lower the temperature of the air coming out of the vents will be: it will vary from 1°C to 5°C in respect to the room temperature.

Can I set the temperature at the outlet from the cooler?

The temperature can’t be set as it is automatically determined in relation to the humidity level of the environment.

Are there any environmental limits to the evaporative technique?

Yes, if the humidity level of the environment exceeds 80%, the cooler cannot work. However, this is not a limitation of the machine, but rather a physical limit of the evaporative principle.

What do I have to do if the limit is reached?

Adamfresh stops and displays the condition of the threshold value, waiting for the ambient humidity to lower to be able to resume work.

In the case of attainment of the threshold value, what should I do?

There are two possible options: wait for the relative humidity level to go down or remove the filter and let Adamfresh run on the ventilation setting to help with minimal air circulation.

Does Adamfresh produce humid air from the vents?

Yes, the air produced is slightly humid: something that all evaporative coolers do.

If cool but moist air comes out and I get a gradual increase in humidity in my environment until saturation, what can I do to prevent this?

You can leave a porthole or a window slightly open to generate the required minimum air renewal needed from the outside to restore the environment back to the ideal degree of relative humidity.
The atmospheric pressure will re-establish the right balance.
Combined with the above condition, Adamfresh sensors stops the operation of the machine when the relative humidity hits 80% to prevent the formation of condensation due to cooling emissions.

Can I use Adamfresh while moving in my vehicle?

Yes, you just have to fill the water tank until the red mark that indicates the maximum level the water can reach while travelling.

Can I use Adamfresh during the winter?

Yes, Adamfresh is a perfect humidifier for environments that become very dry due to heating, and by using it in these environments, the optimal humidity levels will be restored.

What kind of maintenance should the cooler have?

  • Periodical check of the filter every 200 hours of use: Adamfresh will notify you immediately when it’s time to check or change the filter with a message on its display.
  • There isn’t a set time after which the filter should be changed: it might be necessary to change it after approximately 200 hours, depending on the settings Adamfresh has been working with.
  • Cleaning of the water tank: just with a soft cloth
  • Cleaning of the air vents: dusting with a brush

Is it necessary to contact a professional for maintenance and changing of the filter?

They are all extremely easy operations that can be done by anyone, no technical assistance is required.

How does the filter get wet?

The filter is made of cellulose fibre and the water rises thanks to a capillary action, eliminating any need for a pump.

Correct insertion of the filter

The evaporative filter has a polyester contour tape that holds it in shape and in position even when wet and under the effect of ventilation thrust.
This high-density polyester contour tape gives the filter stiffness and an initial resistance to insertion to ensure it won’t collapse on itself when the filter is wet.
To insert the filter effortlessly inside the cooler, simply wet the filter and press it firmly along the contour perimeter on all 4 sides.
To ease the positioning of the filter during the initial insertion, it is useful to temporarily remove the two blacks pins holding the essences block first.
Then insert the filter in its compartment and press firmly down.
After the filter has been inserted, reassemble the blacks pins back into their original place.
After which the filter should be correctly positioned.
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