What is the right way to use the filter?

  • Use potable water
  • Avoid leaving water in the tank and in contact with the filter if the cooler is not being used for more than 24 hours.
  • If the cooler is not used for more than 24 hours, allow the filter to dry through the dedicated setting.
  • Add a water disinfectant to the tank like Amuchina to clean the water and the filter.
  • The yellow colour that the filter tends to turn during use is due to the removal of the original biocide treatment, and being a filter made of cellulose, its natural colour is in fact yellow.

Is there an internal auto-diagnosis system?

Yes, when Adamfresh’s monitoring system notices an abnormality, it sends a notification to the display about the type of issue found.

Does Adamfresh notify me if it runs out of water?

Yes, in this case the display will show a lack of water with a special notification.

Can I program Adamfresh to turn on and off at different times?

Yes, Adamfresh has a delayed turn on/turn off function.

How many programs does Adamfresh have?

7 work programs to choose from the keyboard:

  • Evaporative = general use
  • Ventilation = ventilation only
  • Winter mode = to balance the correct humidity levels in dry environments
  • Night mode = for night use
  • Hard mode = for outdoor use with high ventilation levels
  • Desert mode = for desert environments
  • Pets mode = specially programmed for pets

How many utility programs does Adamfresh have?

Nr.3 utility programs selectable from Keyboard:

  • Delayed turning on = to make Adamfresh turn on at a specific time
  • Delayed turning off = to make Adamfresh turn off at a specific time
  • Filter drying = to dry the filter

Is it possible to add new programs to the already existing ones?

Yes, Adamfresh is basically a computer that can be updated with new programs with the supplied USB stick. Anyone can do it easily and comfortably at home.

Who is in charge of technical assistance?

The manufacturer himself.
Moreover, Adamfresh saves all the data regarding its functioning in a special file that, in case of an abnormality or issue, can be easily sent via email to the manufacturer, who will be able to intervene remotely, restoring the correct functioning of the machine, without the customer having to send it back.

Does Adamfresh do the job of an expensive fan?

Fans, also called “air agitators” do not produce fresh air: if we put a thermometer in front of the fan and one behind it, the temperature would be the same.

Is the evaporative cooler a recent invention?

The evaporative cooler was introduced in the USA before the perfecting of air conditioning, and was then abandoned to favor traditional air conditioning when the cost of energy was not yet a problem. Today, the environment, energy saving and energy cost are deeply-felt topics and evaporative coolers have become once again very much in demand both in domestic and industrial environments.

Coolers are not as effective as air conditioners.

They are two completely different systems that provide different kinds of wellbeing:

  • Air conditioners consume 10 times more energy than evaporative coolers, they pollute and need special maintenance.
  • Air conditioners lower the temperature of the whole environment they have been installed in, providing cool air also for those who are bothered by it and cooling down areas that do not need it (like where a TV, a plant or a piece of furniture is present).

I can’t choose, I’d like to install a fixed cooler on the roof of my camper.

  • Fixed coolers can only be used on campers
  • Adam can be used in campers, on the porch, at home, in the office, outdoors…anywhere!
  • With coolers installed on the ceiling, when the vehicle is resold, the money spent on it is lost, and the cooler is basically given to the new buyer
  • If I change campers, I’m not giving Adam to the new buyer but I can use it on the new camper, at home, in the office…

Why should I purchase Adamfresh?

  • It’s entirely designed and made in Italy
  • Built with high quality materials:
    • Plastic from Bayer* (Germany)
    • Fans from Ebm-Papst* (Germany)
    • Batteries from Sony* (Japan), assembled in Germany
    • PCBs (printed circuit boards) and software designed and made in Italy
    • Italian design by a famous Italian designer who collaborates with BMW*, Bimota*, Mahindra* …
    • Assembled in the Cablofil factories, for more than 40 years working for great firms and producing cables and integrated electric and electronic systems.
  • Refreshing for the individual and no damaging health factors: does not cause inflammation of the respiratory tract, cervical or joint pain.
  • It is ecological: uses water, very low energy consumption and is made with recyclable materials.
  • It is economical: no need for pricey maintenance.
  • It provides fresh and clean air, limiting the presence of pollens, dust and unpleasant smells.
  • Doesn’t dry out the air and maintains the right humidity levels.
  • not drastically reduces the ambient temperature as do the conditioners
  • Portable and has a great battery life.
  • Versatile, can be used anywhere, indoors and outdoors, during the summer and the winter.
  • Multifunctional, with 7 pre-set programs and suitable for every occasion.
  • Always new, can easily be updated with the last software released by the maker, always maintaining the machine at its best and guaranteeing its value.
  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Useful for those who have a pet that is often forced to stay inside the caravan: Adamfresh has a dedicated program and the internal battery guarantees it can function even without electricity.
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