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The Italian company Cablofil is best noted for the production of industrial and automotive cables, however it intends to enter into the leisure market with equipment for vehicles and why not as its neighbours are Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati - none of which produce motorhomes yet!!

The Adam Fresh was devised in 2012.  It is a portable evaporative cooling system, not an air conditioner, so it doesn't substantially lower the room temperature, regardless of the size of the space.  It produces a cool breeze, which reduces the excess body heat of individuals in the path of its air flow. This means that the cooling effect is local and personal and not unrestricted and overpowering, as is the case of air conditioning.

As with the blowers from your vehicle engine, the resulting cool air that flows from its vents needs to be aimed directly at individuals rather than dispersed into the surrounding environment where it wouldn't produce any tangible effect. Personal wellbeing is enhanced by the “cool breeze” effect produced when the cooling system is on—this pleasant effect is similar to the feeling you get walking along the beach with a cool sea breeze. 

Adam is 100% designed and manufactured in Italy although it used components from around the world including polyurethane from Bayer, fans from the German ebm-papst Group and Japanese batteries from Sony, assembled in Germany. .

It produces fresh air through the evaporation of the water contained in the filter, resulting in the lowering of the temperature of the air that is expelled. Depending on humidity levels, around one third of a litre of water is needed per hour.  The device has a battery pack which can be recharged from a 12v supply, unlike air conditioning which uses a lot of energy, Adam has comparitively low consumption. It can even be used outdoors like a fan!

It weighs 6 kg

For recharging on a hot day with your solar panels working overtime then the electrical draw should not be too significant.  

The device is currently only available for cooling 

Technical aspects of Evaporative Coolers

When you use an evaporative cooler, it's necessary to ensure a minimal air exchange by leaving a window or a vent partially open, or providing some other opening to the outside in order to compensate for the slight increase in environmental humidity caused by the evaporative process. This increased humidity caused by the evaporative process refers to the immediate level with a minimum air intake, which would generally rise while the cooler is in use, and is optimally balanced by the action of external atmospheric pressure, which, through the small opening of a window or something similar, will tend to reestablish the correct humidity level of the space

 Alan Heath

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