Summer indoor use

The hot summer weather can reach unbearable levels, causing discomfort and disorders that we all would want to avoid.

Adamfresh, thanks to its use of the water evaporation principle, provides a valid answer to the necessity of a portable cool air “generator“ that can work autonomously without the need of electricity, which makes it truly portable and efficient.

We can hook it up to a 230 Volt socket or to the 12 Volt of the battery, but if we don't have neither Adamfresh won't stop, it uses its internal rechargeable battery to give us cool air.

Being portable, the device can work in the open, not only in closed environments, so we can bring coolness wherever we want.

Adamfresh is an evaporative cooler, not an air conditioner. It doesn't lower the temperature, it does something better than that. It provides fresh air in the direction of those who are feeling hot, giving them relief without the excessive action of air conditioning.

Another advantage is that you don't have to close all the doors and windows in a vehicle or in a room. Actually, you need at least a small opening to the outside to allow air exchange, but this won't make the cooling ineffective.

Having the possibility to leave doors and windows open while a cool breeze gives us relief from the heat leaving us full freedom of movement is certainly an experience that complies with the expectations of a vacation.

Adamfresh is a cooler for personal use, not intended for a room, and this expresses its versatility.

The low consumption and its portability allows us to use it in every situation, from the camper to the domestic use, handling it as if it was a ornament, because it doesn't need connecting tubes.

The experience with the use of Adamfresh demonstrates that ecology and personal well-being can be achieved simply by using a natural element like water.

The water will produce the necessary freshness for our body respecting the limits of natural thermic exchange managed by Adamfresh computer.

Adamfresh, the natural well-being you have to try.
Summer- Intense heat
Adamfresh works at 230 volt AC – 12 volt DC autonomously with the integrated rechargeable battery
Sickness and discomfort
At 12 volt it uses between 1 and 4,5 Ampere
Adamfresh produces cool air using the water evaporation principle
8 hours of independence with the tank full of water
Adamfresh gives back from the vents clean and cool air
Size centimeters 35 x 25 x 30 - Unladen weight kg 6 - tank capacity 2,7 liters
Adamfresh promotes personal well-being ecologically and with a low-input
Electronic processing of all the functions
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