Product warranty

Cablofil subjects each product to an accurate check and final testing.

This warranty covers the defects due to material faults or manufacturing process of this product for a period of 24 months from the purchase date.

The warranty is executed through repair or replacement of the faulty components, or the defective parts or the entire product, at the manufacturer’s discretion.

No warranty is granted for damage of the parts subject to normal wear and tear or for damage or defects caused by tampering, improper use and/or maintenance or any intervention not provided or authorized by the manufacturer.

The full warranty is valid only for the interventions of assembly, service and repair executed by Cablofil authorised technicians.

The interventions under warranty shall not extend the warranty period.

Cablofil applies a new 24-month warranty on parts replaced during the previously contractual warranty period.

This manufacturer’s warranty shall not cover:

  1. the product if it was purchased outside of the European Economic Area
  2. the product if it is second-hand or was rented or used for commercial purposes
  3. product defects caused by accidental damage, modifications, misuse, negligence, or anything that is not due to a material defect or manufacturing process.
  4. a progressive decrease of the rechargeable batteries’ life which technically is not a manufacturing defect but rather a typical behavioural characteristic of the device.
  5. the product if opened, tampered with, modified, altered or repaired by companies and personnel not authorized by the manufacturer.
  6. the product with its serial number and identification data altered, removed or unreadable.
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