Winter indoor use

Environment humidifier

In the winter season, stoves and radiators heat up environments, but they tend to dry up the air that we breath.

Usually the relative humidity values that determine our well-being are a range between 40% and 60% and they're intended as varying in accordance to the room temperature.

In an environment that has been heat up this value can drop to 30%. This dryness reduces our defenses from pathogenic agents in the air that can then easily enter our body through our airway.

To counter this condition we can use Adamfresh as a humidifier that brings back in balance the relative humidity level of the environment.

Adamfresh, thanks to its sensors, humidifies the room in a controlled way, so that the relative humidity stays between 45% and 55%, helping our well-being.

Fine dust mechanical filtration

It's difficult to think that, inside our home, when we use wood-burning heating systems we are generating a form of pollution: breathable fine dusts.

We are used to consider our house as the safest environment to be in, but there are some dangers that we can't see.

Domestic fine dust are created from the residue of the combustion of wooden material when this happens inside a stove or a chimney.

These dusts have microscopic size and, by breathing them, they can go deep inside the lungs.

This could lead, in time, to a limited pulmonary function and a variety of respiratory disorders.

This danger can be reduced with the mechanical filtration that Adamfresh performs easily inside environments where there's combustion of wood or pellet.

The combined dust filter, especially developed for Adamfresh, allows to filter and clean the air.

Also, thanks to the activated carbon filter, the device can absorb any unpleasant smell in the air.

This functionality is particularly useful when you cook inside the camper, where there's not much space and the olfactory perception, bond to the production of these smells, reaches rapidly the threshold value.

In a residential environment, fine dusts are produced only by the combustion of wooden materials. Other combustible materials, like gas, don't produce them.

Protecting the lungs from polluting agents is an important form of well-being for one's self and for the family.

Just to give you an example of how much air goes through our lungs, let's say that there are 4 people in a room, and they stay in there for 3 hours. We can reach complessive numbers of 5000 liters more or less.

If we don't take action with the right devices our lungs will have to filter the air.
Adamfresh works for you, to give you an higher quality of air!
Dry air in residential environments
Possible sources of internal pollution from wooden materials combustion
Adamfresh humidifies the air at the right levels
Adamfresh filters the air retaining the pollutants
Adamfresh has a double use in a single device
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